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White House warns that election results might not be available until “a few days” after elections: “It takes time.”

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, stated Monday that the midterm election results would not be known on Election Day. The final results wouldn’t arrive until “a few days” after that.

Jean-Pierre made this statement at a White House press conference on Election Day. She claimed that mail-in ballots are used by many states and that other forms of early voting don’t often count until Tuesday after voters have cast their ballots in person.

We may not be able to identify all winners for several days. It takes time to count all valid ballots in a legal, orderly way. Jean-Pierre explained to reporters that this is how it should work.

She added, “You heard the president say that last night.”

She stated that President Joe Biden will address the nation on Wednesday regarding the election results.

The Republicans are expected to control at least the House of Representatives. However, control over the Senate is still a toss-up.

Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. is the House Minority Leader. He believes Republicans will regain control of the House after four years under Democratic control. His assessment is supported by polls, but the size of the likely Republican majority is still up for debate.

McCarthy stated last week that “majorities are not granted – they are earned.” “We don’t take anything for granted. But I feel good about the quality of our candidates running from Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut to Oregon to Washington and Arizona to California.”

He said, “There’s no place we can compete and that’s the exciting part.”

McCarthy is the first to be elected House speaker if his party takes the chamber. He has pledged to use a Republican majority to repeal plans for adding 87,000 agents to the IRS and open investigations into Biden’s government.

To secure a national polling advantage, McCarthy and the Republicans have focused heavily on the economy, crime, and Biden’s popularity.

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