What are you focusing your energy on in 2024?

Nominations for the 2024 HousingWire Vanguards award are open throughout the month of July. To celebrate the industry’s most prestigious award for c-suite execs in mortgage and real estate, HousingWire reached out to some of last year’s honorees to hear more about their current priorities and asked the question: What are you focusing your energy on in 2024?

Here is what some of last year’s honorees had to say.


We are using this slower market to double down on new customer acquisition, new product launches, and improving our customers’ experiences. At this time our clients are looking at process improvements, streamlining technology, and lowering per-unit costs so using this time wisely – before the next ‘normal’ market – is important. Ryan B. Peterson, President, Grid151


To ensure all Florida Realtors members are provided with the best possible products, tools and services to thrive in an ever changing market. — Margy Grant, CEO, Florida Realtors


As the CEO of our company, I am focusing on making sure our agents are staying ahead of the curve with so much change happening in the industry. We want our agents to be the most informed in their markets, so they can in turn help their clients find the best ways possible to navigate the market in their respective locations.  Sam Sawyer, CEO, Pinnacle Realty Advisors


Right now I’m focused on the growth of the Movoto brand, our overall consumer audience, and the size of our partner network. I’m also spending a lot of time concentrating on how we can help our partners succeed at the highest level through a combination of training, education, and sharing the right insights.Chris Heller, President, OJO


I am focusing my attention and energy on two things. First, working with our automation teams that are helping our branch operations to keep lowering costs of manufacturing. Second, creating more opportunities for growing production with higher pull through of existing leads generated. On the latter, it means we have to ensure we have every product option – with speed – to provide every client who wants to be a homeowner, with a low cost option. Both things create efficiency while primarily benefiting the customer and the team who provides a great experience. — Randell Gillespie, CPO, Lower

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