Top 10 best hybrid SUVs 2024

Best hybrid SUV Mercedes GLC

We pick the very best hybrid SUVs on the road, with compact, family and luxury models all making the cut

A hybrid SUV could well be the most sensible option on the menu for the medium term for any family. For commuting and most running around, they now offer very usable electric range, and any trips further afield can be made without having to rely on an EV charging network that’s still in its infancy.

And while these petrol-electric models are still expensive to buy, they continue to attract preferential benefit-in-kind taxation rates for company car drivers, which usually makes them a far more wallet-friendly alternative to a traditional company car. In fact, it’s in the context of the corporate car park that these bi-fuel models make the most sense.

Funnily enough, plug-in powertrains also make a lot of sense when they’re installed in SUVs, where the bulk of the battery and extra electric motors can usually be accommodated without any loss in space and practicality.

And because these higher-rised, convenience-first cars continue to be hugely popular with buyers, there’s a wide choice of contenders, from relatively affordable compact crossovers to higher-priced and higher-performance luxury machines.

The best hybrid SUVs

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