Syngenta Professional Solutions Announces 2 New Active Ingredients

Syngenta announced two new active ingredients (AIs) pending registration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in its Professional Solutions markets: Isocycloseram, a broad-spectrum insecticide AI, which will be marketed as PLINAZOLIN technology, and cyclobutrifluram, a nematicide and fungicide AI to be marketed as TYMIRIUM technology.

“Syngenta is proud to maintain its commitment to research and innovation, which lead to solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers in the turf, ornamentals, and professional pest management industries,” says Scott Reasons, Head of Syngenta Professional Solutions in the Americas. “These novel active ingredients complement our current portfolio by increasing the level of control, broadening the pest control spectrum, and helping to mitigate resistance.”


PLINAZOLIN technology will control insects by contact and ingestion to quickly stop feeding. As the first mode of action for these professional markets in IRAC Group 30, PLINAZOLIN technology will also be a crucial resistance management tool.

Upon registration from the EPA, PLINAZOLIN technology will be launched in the following Professional Solutions markets under these specific brand names:

  • Turf: Atexzo insecticide for control of annual bluegrass weevils, mole crickets, bermudagrass mites, billbugs, caterpillars and European crane flies.
  • Ornamentals: Vykenda insecticide for control of thrips, mites, leafminers, flea beetles, and more.
  • Professional pest management: Vanecto cockroach gel bait for control of all major cockroach species including German and American cockroaches.

TYMIRIUM Technology

TYMIRIUM technology will be launched in the turf and ornamental markets as Trefinti nematicide/fungicide. For turf, TYMIRIUM technology will offer control of sting, lance, root-knot, and Anguina nematodes, while also effectively combating spring dead spot, and other soil-borne turf diseases. In ornamental production, it will also offer control of Fusarium spp. and powdery mildew. Unlike previous molecules in its category, TYMIRIUM technology is designed to selectively target damaging nematodes, while preserving the beneficial species crucial for soil health and biodiversity.

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“Delivering chemistry at this level, with two new AIs including one with an all-new mode of action, is a significant achievement,” explains Mark Coffelt, Ph.D., Head of Technical Services for Syngenta Professional Solutions in the United States. “Syngenta is proud of our decades-long investment in research and development to deliver these cutting-edge technologies to our customers, and we’re excited to see the impact they will have.”

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