Rao’s Miami Beach Delivers Exceptional Italian Cuisine in a Chic Setting

At Rao’s Miami Beach, you’ll step into a restaurant that feels just like home, where the friendly staff greets diners with a smile and welcomes them into a warm and cozy dining room. Situated at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Rao’s offers more than just dining; it provides an experience for those seeking delightful and authentic Italian dishes executed to perfection. Rao’s Miami Beach boasts comfortable seating that embodies the restaurant’s essence and features stunning red decor and a vibrant, inviting bar – an ideal spot to savor a classic cocktail with a special someone. It’s a venue for celebrations and intimate gatherings with loved ones.


Rao’s Miami Beach also offers a rich history brimming with distinctive, timeless recipes that embody the significance of home-cooked, passionately crafted cuisine – the cooking that can only be achieved by a chef who takes immense pride in their art. The original Rao’s has been an integral part of New York City’s culinary landscape for 127 years, serving as a 10-table restaurant and standing as one of the country’s oldest family-owned and operated dining establishments still located at its original site. This demonstrates that Rao’s menu is steeped in love and cherished family traditions, representing the enduring connections between loved ones who have proudly passed down their delectable recipes and culinary creations to future generations.

Diners will also experience a genuine warmth that reflects its rich heritage, making it no surprise that reservations can be quite challenging to secure. We highly advise planning ahead if you want to savor the remarkable food and atmosphere. Every moment is worth it as you immerse yourself in the expansive dining room adorned with family memorabilia in the form of framed pictures, creating an inviting ambiance filled with laughter and the care of dedicated chefs and mixologists who prioritize the guests’ dining experience.

I opted for classic dishes such as the Chicken Parmigiana, featuring a delightful homemade red sauce, as my main course during my visit. The mussels proved to be a decadent choice for an appetizer, and the appetizer menu presents an array of classic options, making it challenging to choose just one. We recommend selecting two, such as their exceptional meatballs, and sharing.

As for cocktails, the Dirty Martini, prepared with Don Julio tequila, stood out as a highlight on the cocktail menu. The menu is impressive, offering a selection of classic drinks with a creative twist, showcasing the inventiveness of the mixologists as they elevate the classics. Additionally, the restaurant boasts an extensive wine list, and we suggest sharing your wine preferences, allowing the staff to select the perfect pairing for your meal. Ultimately, Rao’s Miami Beach, nestled within the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, presents patrons with a delightful array of classic Italian dishes crafted with love.

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For more information and to make a reservation at Rao’s Miami Beach, visit https://www.raosonmiamibeach.com. And for more information on the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, visit https://www.loewshotels.com/miami-beach.

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