Premier Tech’s PRO-MIX Gets Rebranding Treatment

Premier Tech, a pioneer in the field of growing media with its PRO-MIX brand, has announced that its proprietary biological active ingredients will be unified under the AGTIV brand, emphasizing Premier Tech’s commitment to innovation and dedication to providing growing solutions.

“We are excited to announce the combination of two of Premier Tech’s premium brands: PRO-MIX growing media and AGTIV biological active ingredients. Our commitment to pioneering innovation and upholding quality continues to drive us forward into a new era,” says Scott Thornton, Vice-President Sales – North America at Premier Tech Growers and Consumers.

What does this mean for growers? The performance of PRO-MIX products remains unchanged. Alongside its commitment to consistency and quality, Premier Tech is dedicated to deliver added-value and innovation to benefit growers with the latest advancements in biological technology.

PRO-MIX BIOFUNGICIDE and MYCORRHIZAE are now introduced with distinctive names, reflecting their specific actions on plants:

  • MYCORRHIZAE becomes AGTIV REACH: Helps plants to reach and absorb more nutrients and water thanks to Mycorrhizae.
  • BIO-FUNGICIDE becomes AGTIV DEFEND: Provides plants protection against root pathogens (Suppresses root diseases caused by specific pathogens (such as Fusarium, Pythium, and Rhizoctonia), and also suppresses fungus gnats and thrips) thanks to Bacillus.
  • BIOFUNGICIDE + MYCORRHIZAE becomes AGTIV FORTIFY: Protects the root system with an expanded barrier against pathogens and improves nutrient and water absorption thanks to Bacillus and Mycorrhizae.

This new nomenclature simplifies the understanding and benefits of AGTIV biological active ingredients that are integrated into PRO-MIX growing media. The transition to the new AGTIV brand and product names will take effect on July 1, 2024, with the new packaging gradually introduced throughout the year.

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