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NY Governor Kathy Hochul accuses Lee Zeldin, NY Governor, of “trying to scare people by having fun” over the state’s criminal woes

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Monday stated that her Republican opponent overplayed the state’s crime problem and was “trying scare people for amusement.”

Hochul made the remarks about Lee Zeldin (the U.S. Rep.), her Republican opponent during a campaign stop in Manhattan.

According to the Washington Times: “And New Yorkers will be on it.” She stated that “all the legitimate media organizations have called him out for what they are doing — fear-mongering.” “This is not an isolated incident in New York. It has been the Republican approach all across America.

Hochul said it was “an absurd assessment” and that she had asked a Times reporter why she had taken such a mocking tone to New Yorkers fearful of crime.

She stated, “We’ve been in the subway.” “I stood there with Mayor Eric Adams just a few weeks ago, talking about an intelligent strategy, not just for scaring people to say that it’s over there.” But you can scare people, I’m working to a real solution,” she said, referring specifically to her October announcement with Mr. Adams, known as the “Cops, Cameras, Care” initiative.

Zeldin has repeatedly criticized Hochul for the various crimes in the state throughout his campaign. Zeldin urged voters on Friday to cast their ballots “as your very life depends upon it because it does.”

The remarks were tweeted by him along with an image of a front page from the New York Post depicting a man accused of sexually assaulting a jogger, who has a long criminal record. He stated Monday that if elected he would repeal cashless bail and other “criminal laws”.

He stated, “I am going continue to concentrate on everything we can do to make our streets and subways safer and I do it with no apology or regret.”

Hochul admitted that there is a crime problem last week but also stated that Zeldin’s stance was counterproductive.

She stated that “He believes it’s okay for 18-year-olds to buy an AR-15,” and added that she had changed the law after the Buffalo massacre. “He believes that background checks are not necessary. He opposes the so-called red flag laws.

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