Nonprofit Executive Alliance Expands Services into Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties

The Nonprofit Executive Alliance of Broward has unveiled its rebranded name, now known as the Nonprofit Executive Alliance, and has joined forces with PhilanthropyMiami to broaden its reach by serving Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. CEOs of nonprofit organizations in all three counties will unite on their initiatives to promote regional collaboration within the sector. 

What started as a modest yet influential assembly of local nonprofit CEOs who acknowledged the significance of collaborative problem-solving has grown into a consortium comprising over 120 nonprofit CEOs with a reach extending throughout Broward County and beyond. They are actively engaged in addressing a wide spectrum of economic, social, and health challenges. The Nonprofit Executive Alliance is a social impact coalition led by CEOs, dedicated to advancing leadership, fortifying local communities, and presenting a unified voice for the sector. 

The extension of influence and involvement into Miami-Dade and Monroe counties has been the outcome of more than a year’s worth of careful assessment, driven by a compelling necessity to thoroughly deliberate, analyze, and tackle these challenges from a regional perspective. With a longstanding 27-year history as a prominent catalyst for the nonprofit community, PhilanthropyMiami will serve as the cornerstone for this expanded reach. Together, the organization is creating a fresh strategic framework for the network of services and support that countless residents and businesses depend on daily.

The expanded regional coalition of leaders brings about heightened recognition of the vital role that nonprofits fulfill within the community. While always integral to society, the pandemic amplified the sector’s significance, with the demand for nonprofit services surging even as donations dwindled amidst social and economic uncertainties.

“If the last three years have taught us anything, it’s the resiliency and importance of the nonprofit sector and its ability to step up and show up for the community,” says Executive Director Sandra Veszi Einhorn (pictured). “With a growing membership of nonprofit CEOs that touch every aspect of the health and human service continuum, the value of this organization to our members and the community at large is immeasurable. We look forward to expanding our footprint and supporting our nonprofit ecosystem on a regional level.”

By furnishing a platform for nonprofit CEOs to network, acquire industry insights, and enhance their connections with stakeholders beyond county borders, these CEOs can enhance their effectiveness in creating a positive impact. This region-specific initiative will also aim to enhance the Alliance’s involvement of business and government leaders in community service through volunteerism, philanthropy, and organizational leadership.

“The Nonprofit Executive Alliance and PhilanthropyMiami are founded by the common principle that we can best address the complex issues facing our communities by combining our strengths, resources and experiences,” Fernanda K. Jorgensen says, Executive Director of PhilanthropyMiami.It is incumbent upon us to collaborate with other nonprofit, for-profit, and government entities.”

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