Nio EL8 revealed as six-seat flagship EV with 316-mile range

Chinese premium EV brand Nio has revealed a six-seater that will top its range in Europe, seeking to rival the BMW iX and Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV. 

Measuring 5099 mm long, 1750mm high and 2199mm wide, the EL8 is Nio’s largest model yet and comes with high-end equipment and “generous” space for six people.

Two models are available. The Standard Range is fitted with a 75kWh battery as standard, offering 288 miles of range (WLTP). The Long Range meanwhile gets a 100kWh battery for 316 miles of range.

Nio offers the car in EL8 with a whopping 150kWh battery for 559 miles of range on China’s CLTC test cycle, but that version isn’t likely to come to Europe. 

All EL8s have a motor on each axle, giving them four-wheel drive. The two motors combine for an eye-watering power output of 644bhp and 626lb ft of torque.

Nio said the Long Range car hits 0-62mph in 4.1sec and has a maximum towing capacity of 2000kg. 

The EL8’s exterior design features the brand’s ‘Double Dash’ front lights and ‘X-Bar’ design feature, plus a large light bar at the rear.

Nio said it aimed to bolster the EL8’s aerodynamics and efficiency by hiding the rear wipers and adding ‘invisible’ roof rails and indicators. As a result, it has a drag coefficient of 0.25Cd. 

To rival the more luxurious credentials of the likes of the EQS SUV, the EL8 includes dual-chamber air suspension and continuous damping control as standard, which monitors real-road conditions to improve ride comfort.

Nio has also equipped its new SUV with its Hydraulic Rebound Stop system to absorb bumps and potholes. 

Inside, the EL8 gets a choice of two interior layouts. One includes a centre aisle, 14-way adjustable rear seats and a big central armrest, while the second, named Executive Console, gets a fridge and digital console.

It also has a hot-stone massage feature as standard. All cars get Pet Mode, too, which keeps the cabin at 22deg C.

Up front, the EL8 is fitted with a 16.3in head-up display and a 12.8in touchscreen infotainment system. There’s also a 6.6in digital display for rear passengers, complete with a virtual assistant. 

The car is equipped with 33 cameras and sensors. Some are used for an emergency video recording system, activated when airbags are deployed and used to record more serious accidents. Others are used to operate the lidar system and other external safety features. 

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