New Volvo EX60 tipped to introduce radical production process

According to Mikael Fermér Volvo’s vehicle platform lead architect, the process will revolutionise the firm’s approach to construction. He noted that, at present, the fixed points and structures of a platform mean that it essentially has a shelf life once launched.

But because the megacast parts can be changed simply by adapting the moulds – which need maintenance every four months or so – it becomes much easier to make substantial changes to the structure, effectively giving a platform “an unlimited lifespan”. That could also lead to more rapid deployment of new vehicle types.

Volvo is aiming to increase the use of mega-casting in future years, with the ultimate goal of producing much of the platform as a handful of pieces.

Fermér said the floor is “a good starting point” because “it’s fairly easy to design a safe and robust rear floor. You have a lot of complicated interfaces that you replace when you go from 100 parts to one”.

volvo mega casting

He added that “it’s your imagination” that limits what can be done with mega-casting, but said: “It should always be based on the business case and function. We have looked into casting a complete battery tray, which makes sense because it could replace many parts.”

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