New Alpine A290: electric hot hatch will be revealed on 13 June

He added that the only feature likely to translate to the four-seat production car is the Formula 1-inspired ‘OV’ button, which enables a 10-second power boost. Alpine is yet to detail the scale of this uplift, but Bonetto said “it’s significant, you can really feel it”. Biardeau added that the button has a short cooldown period between bursts, but that this is still being tuned.

The Formula 1 link does not end there, for the Alpine Racing Formula 1 team, based in Enstone, had a role in shaping the A290’s aerodynamics. The gaps positioned underneath the X-shaped headlights – inspired by the tape used on historic rally cars – in the front bumper, and high on the rear quarter panel all channel air across the car’s flanks to reduce drag.

Other styling flourishes include the distinctive blue-flecked carbonfibre bodykit (likely to become plastic on the production model) and the dual faux-exhausts integrated into the rear splitter. However, these are not actually intended to present as exhausts; they are instead meant to resemble the fans used on high-powered gaming computers. According to Villain, this is a private joke between Alpine and Renault head honcho Luca de Meo himself, and feeds into the brand’s ambition to sell cars to the ‘gaming generation’.

Alpine a290 beta fan exhausts detail

The A290 is expected to come at a significant premium over the circa-£25,000 Renault 5, likely being priced up to match its closest rival, the 215bhp version of the new electric Mini Cooper, which costs just under £38,000.  

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