Lit Hub Daily: November 8, 2023

  • Read rapid-fire interviews with (almost) all the finalists for the 2023 National Book Award, before next week’s ceremony. | Lit Hub

  • Is twinship the ideal relationship? Helena de Bres investigates. | Lit Hub Memoir

  • A Gilded Age Kardashian: Why Apple TV+ made a mistake in passing on Sofia Coppola’s adaptation of The Custom of the Country. | Lit Hub Film & TV

  • What to do when you get your period… in space: “Remember, space is awful. There is no gravity to pull fluids in a generally downward direction.” | Lit Hub

  • Exploring the world’s richest source of lithium. | Lit Hub Science

  • Lisa Gornick and Alice Elliott Dark discuss how their writing practices have developed over decades. | Lit Hub In Conversation

  • Grace Elizabeth Hale reckons with the underbelly of cherished family story that intersects with the legacy of white supremacy. | Lit Hub History

  • “I hope to at least find a copy of my own poetry book, maybe near my neighbor’s olive tree, but there is nothing but debris. Nothing but the smell of explosions.” Mosab Abu Toha on living under siege. | The New Yorker

  • Sigrid Nunez recommends some of her favorite books. | Elle

  • James D. White explores the legacy of Alexander Bogdanov, Russian revolutionary and sci-fi pioneer. | Jacobin

  • Jean-Baptise Andrea has won the Prix Goncourt for his nearly 600-page novel, Veiller Sur Elle (Watching Over Her). | New York Times

  • Good news for your holiday travel: Barbra Streisand’s memoir is 48 hours long on audiobook. | Variety

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