“Keys,” A Poem by Ahmad Almallah

I’ve been
of keys—

the hand holding
them close to the lock—
nothing turning

just a snapshot,
reflections, fingers
reaching for the thing
in the mirror
and not the thing

and that day
when I couldn’t open
up: and the door was just
a door

not a barrier

it was  locked
and I was  cold, tired, and

fingers freeing and freezing
but caught

and I couldn’t hold or find—
_____way I wondered
about what happened to the dot
dot dot

in poetry

_____why doesn’t anyone like
them anymore
and what’s wrong
with the cut
and incomplete


border wisdom

Excerpted from Border Wisdom by Ahmad Almallah. Published with permission from Winter Editions. Copyright © 2023 by Ahmad Almallah.

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