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Gisele Fetterman is a campaigner with activists who support defunding of police and promoted the Louisville Bail Fund

Gisele Fetterman (the wife of Democratic Senate Candidate John Fetterman) campaigned with several defunding police activists who supported a bail fund that allowed a man to be released from an accusation of trying to assassinate a Kentucky politician.

Gisele Fetterman posted a Sunday photo of herself at an American Indian Impact event. She was pictured with Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef) and Meena Harris (Niece of Vice President Kamala Harris). John Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, tweeted a video showing his wife and Kerry Washington, urging voters to vote for Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Jayapal, Harris, Washington, and Lakshmi all publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement and Defund the Police.

Jayapal stated that it was reasonable to transfer significant resources from law enforcement to investing in people during an NPR interview, on July 16, 2020.

Harris tweeted on April 15, 2021, “To all my mentions of policing in my language, let’s clarify: Defund police.”

Washington and Lakshmi have promoted the Louisville Community Bail Fund. This group was founded by Black Lives Matter Louisville. It paid the $100,000 bond in February 2022 to Quintez Brown, a BLM activist, after he was accused of trying to shoot Craig Greenberg (a Democratic Louisville mayoral candidate).

“We must step up and support our Black brothers and sisters.” “Link in bio to donate to the Louisville Bail Fund,” Lakshmi shared on Instagram on May 31, 2020, during the George Floyd unrest.

“We cannot just put an MLK quote on the wall and call it a night, people. It must be supported: Louisville Bail Fund @bailfundnetwork,” Lakshmi tweeted on May 20, 2020.

Washington wrote, on May 30, 2020, “If you can please give to those fighting for justice,” linking to the Louisville Community Bail Fund.

Washington posted on Facebook, on June 8, 2020: “We must use resources toward community-led solutions. Not a system which continues to kill us or put us in prisons.” “I stand with people across the country. [Like] you are with us. #InDefenseofBlackLife #DefundThePolice #BlackLivesMatter”

John Fetterman is running against Republican Mehmet Oz. He has attempted to distance himself from the once popular left-wing rallying cry for defunding police and right-wing accusations that he’s soft about crime.

Fetterman stated that he wants to “fund the police” and that they are “the most important tool to make streets safer.” On Saturday, he and ex-President Barack Obama campaigned alongside Democratic U.S. House candidate Summer Lee. Lee has advocated for defunding police and abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Lee tweeted, “This isn’t a new fight or new tactic.” In December 2020. “It’s come down to this because all other demands were ignored.”

Joe Calvello, Fetterman’s campaign spokesperson, highlighted Fetterman’s record in crime during his time as mayor of Braddock.

Calvello stated that John, unlike Dr. Oz who lived in New Jersey’s gated community mansion until last year, has taken on crime and partnered up with law enforcement to make our towns safer. “John was a hands-on mayor who worked side by side with local police. He understands the challenges they face, and will always support them in getting the funding they require.” John often accompanied officers on patrol and helped Braddock get grants for police needs.

Calvello said that John’s record earned him endorsement by the Guardian Civic League. This is the organization that represents Black officers in the Philadelphia Police Department and leaders such as Montgomery County Sheriff Sean Kilkenny.”

He said, “It was Dr. Oz who opposed the American Rescue Plan which provided hundreds of million in public safety funding across PA. It prevented cuts in law enforcement services. And who now supports the radical Rick Scott Plan which would hollow out federal law enforcement?

Fetterman is a progressive candidate and chairs the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons.

He often speaks out about his desire to end the state law that imposes mandatory life sentences without parole for people convicted of second-degree killing. His voting record on the board shows that he has supported the release of at most 10 people who were convicted of first-degree murder.

Fetterman’s campaign repeatedly defended Fetterman’s approach to clemency, saying that his record has been “widely appreciated by Democrats as well as Republicans.”

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