Enola Holmes 2

“Enola Holmes 2” cleverly places Millie Bobby Brown back on this case

It’s back in “Enola Sherlock 2”, a brilliant showcase for Millie Bobby Brown, which also manages to incorporate Sherlock, the famous brother of Sherlock, into the story. Add fact-based information about the horrible working conditions of the time, and the sequel is polished and fun.

“Some of the following is true,” the script notes on the air. Enola Brown (Sherlock’s independent sister) takes up the cause for young matchstick factory workers who are mysteriously falling ill. After dealing with adults in her youth who put off her, Enola (Brown) is now the logical teenage detective to investigate the case.

Henry Cavill, Sherlock Holmes, is now in a younger and more fit stage of his life. Enola will soon be pursuing a case that is confounding. These cryptic clues suggest that Enola is working with a master criminal and give him an opponent worth his intelligence.

This “Enola Holmes” is again directed by Harry Bradbeer, and written by Jack Thorne. Enola continues to break the fourth wall to share asides with the audience and witticisms, interrupting an earlier sequence to say, “Perhaps, I should explain.”

Brown, who also produces these films, is the secret ingredient. Netflix has wisely recognized that Brown is a significant asset. Enola is reunited with Louis Partridge (Tewkesbury) at a lavish ball. It’s easy to see why, despite her busy schedule, Netflix should still book her.

“Enola Holmes 2,” which contains quite a lot of action, is a little too much considering the cerebral nature of the character. It works better when Enola uses her brain and not her fists to “see” the events. This animation nicely illustrates her finely tuned powers of perception.

Sherlock Holmes has seen many iterations over the years. This is evidence of Sherlock Holmes’s endurance and underlines how difficult it can be to bring new life to Baker Street.

The matchstick analogy is especially appropriate in this context, as Brown’s exuberant voice feels like the spark the franchise needed. Netflix won’t leave Enola behind, even though her name is rooted in the past.

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