Elegant Dining and Succulent Dishes Offer an Unforgettable Dining Experience at The Pelican Hotel

While many might see Ocean Drive as a spot for partiers, rowdy revelers, and a vibrant nightlife, there’s something to be said about being able to discover a hidden gem on the popular street in Miami Beach. One of those hidden gems is the gorgeous The Pelican Hotel. Not only is the hotel perfectly nestled on a quiet corner of Ocean Drive, but its eye-catching interior and serene environment make it the perfect place to visit.

The Pelican Hotel has long been a quiet escape in Miami Beach and has an important history. Diesel’s founder, Renzo Rosso, and the President of the OTB Group dreamed up the hotel’s look and personality.

The hotel’s light still shines bright, and its history stays intact, despite their recent renovation that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a classic movie set and are surrounded by various art.

Yet, there’s nothing more inviting and impressive than the Pelican Café. Diners will not only be impressed by the Italian dishes as they enjoy them inside the cozy dining room or outside patio, but its newly reinvented menu by an exceptional chef will leave you floored, full, and simply impressed. There is nothing like it thus far on Ocean Drive.

Pelican Cafe

When I had a chance to visit the restaurant recently, I was greeted by an impressive wine list and delicious cocktails. Mixing in classic beverages with a Miami classic, the classic mojito, you will be ready to start your meal. And let me tell you, the menu is not only impressive, but it’s a journey full of culinary surprises and the work of a truly passionate chef who exudes that passion through the art of cooking and making diners feel fulfilled.

The exceptional chef, Gio Sofia, loves creating culinary delights, and it shows. He fell in love with cooking in Sicily when he was 15 years old, and due to this, he has been part of his family’s journey of working in restaurants and cooking impressive dishes for over 60 years.

Chef Gio graduated from hospitality school in Messina, Italy, and has since found his place not only in Sicily but also in Miami. There, he has been sprinkling his magic on dishes made with a deep passion for the craft and knowledge of Italian food.

Those who adventure into Pelican Cafe will feel the Chef’s passion through his dishes, which mix Sicilian classic flavors with his own twist. From the fresh and flavorful Sicilian Octopus Appetizer to the rich and homey Tagliarini with added clams and Bottarga, there is no stopping this Chef from making sure diners leave the restaurant not only feeling full but also happy.

The Pelican Hotel Cafe

Other dishes include mussels, a Surf and Turf that combines a delicious cut of meat and a fresh Lobster, as well as a sweet dessert or two that is the perfect ending for the meal.

After a meal at Pelican Café, you will realize that talent, Chef’s humility, great service, and passion, as you surround yourself with beauty, is the perfect way to enjoy a special evening dining.

For more information on Pelican Café and to make a reservation, visit https://pelicanhotel.com/pelican-cafe/  or call  305-673-3373.

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