Crypto market’s weekly winners and losers – LINK, PENDLE, MANTLE, JUP

  • Flare, Pendle, and Chainlink were the biggest gainers of the week.
  • Jupiter, Manta Network, and SATS came in as the week’s biggest losers.

This week brought both successes and setbacks to the cryptocurrency market. Here’s AMBCrypto’s list of the biggest winners and losers from the 28th of January to the 3rd of February.

Biggest winners


According to data from CoinMarketCap, the week’s biggest winner was Flare [FLR].

AMBCrypto’s analysis of FLR showed that it started the week on the 29th of January, trading at around $0.022, and concluded on the 3rd of February at about $0.027.

This upward trajectory represented an impressive gain of nearly 36%, marking the most significant increase for the week.

At the time of this writing, FLR was trading around $0.028, reflecting a further increase of over 5%. Its market capitalization was around $928.5 million.


Pendle [PENDLE] secured the position as the second-largest gainer for the week. It started the week with a trading value of around $2.57 and concluded at over $2.9.

This notable increase amounted to an impressive gain of nearly 22%. AMBCrypto’s analysis of the latest data also showed a market capitalization of around $673.6 million.

However, PENDLE has started the new week with a decline, trading at around $2.8 at press time and reflecting a decrease of over 3%.


Chainlink [LINK] displayed a noteworthy performance throughout the week, starting at about $15 and concluding at over $17. This weekly gain, as per analysis, amounted to around 21%.

During press time, LINK continued to trade at about $17.7, reflecting an increase of less than 1%. Notably, among the top gainers, Chainlink had the largest market capitalization.

At the time of this writing, its market cap was around $10.4 billion.

Biggest losers


Following its airdrop earlier in the week, Jupiter [JUP] started trading at about $1.27. However, by the week’s end, the price had descended to around $0.57, marking a substantial loss of over 65%.

At the time of this writing, Jupiter was trading at about $0.54, signaling the commencement of the new week with a loss of over 5%. Its market capitalization was estimated at around $740.6 million.

Manta Network

AMBCrypto’s analysis of Manta Network [MANTA] showed a promising start to the week as it traded at around $3.7.

However, by the week’s conclusion, the token experienced a decline of over 28%, settling at about $2.9.

This downward trend has persisted at the time of this writing, with MANTA trading at about $2.6 at press time, reflecting a further decline of over 9%.

Its market capitalization sat at around $671 million, with the decrease in value also impacting its market cap.


Like other assets in this category, SATS [1000SATS] commenced the week positively, trading at around $0.00051.

Experiencing further gains during the week, it reached around $0.00054 before its decline started on the 2nd of February. By the week’s end, it had receded to about $0.00043, indicating a drop of over 19%.

This downward trend has persisted as of this writing, with an additional decline of over 9%. Additionally, the market capitalization of SATS was around $858.8 million at the time of this writing.


Here’s the weekly recap of the biggest gainers and losers. It’s crucial to bear in mind the volatile nature of the market, where prices can shift rapidly.

Thus, it is best to do your own research (DYOR) before making any investment decisions.

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