BONK, PEPE & Hedera [HBAR]: Best crypto to buy right now!

The dynamic world of cryptocurrencies is garnering much attention due to the recent Bitcoin [BTC] halving event, which affected the prices of all the major cryptocurrencies. 

The top crypto prices registered a bullish swing today as Bitcoin stood above the $64,000 mark.

While Ethereum’s [ETH] price edged closer to $3,310, Solana [SOL], Ripple [XRP], and Cardano [ADA] saw considerable gains.

As traders venture into the ever-evolving space of crypto, they are often left wondering how to buy currencies that will give them maximum gains.

Here are five cryptocurrencies that are currently doing well in the crypto sphere:


BONK shocked its investors with significant gains in the past week. The Solana-based meme coin has just risen over its average value, with its price up by 25.8% the past seven days. 

The token is one of the highest crypto gainers this week. The price of this meme coin rose from $0.00001993 to $0.00002605.

BONK is Solana’s social layer and community meme coin, with deep integrations as a utility token across a broad range of applications and protocols inside the Web3 ecosystem.


PEPE, the frog-themed meme coin, continues to rise in the crypto market with a 25.7% increase in a week, raising its value to $0.000007362 with a market cap of $2,995,621,883 and a trading volume of $762,324,339.

PEPE recovered quickly after several days of slow progress. With this increase, the memecoin has moved closer to the all-time high benchmark of $0.00001074, which is possible if the momentum continues. 

This surge can be attributed to the influence of its committed group of investors, notably whales, who have large holdings and have lately bolstered their investments.

Hedera [HBAR] 

HBAR was one of the few cryptocurrencies whose prices were unaffected by March’s bullish run. However, the coin has outperformed all others during the current crypto downturn. 

The coin has gained 21.5% in the past week, changing hands at $0.1066. Notably, its trading volume saw an average day-to-day growth of 7,500%. 

Hedera is a public hash graph network and governing body designed to meet the needs of mainstream markets.

The platform is poised to be the world’s first widely accepted public distributed ledger, offering a diverse range of applications.


Floki Inu [FLOKI], a popular dog-based meme cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum blockchain, is one coin to keep an eye on, with its price rising over 6% in the last week. 

The meme coin rose to $0.0001804 after hitting its lowest point of the month at $0.0001203. Despite facing some hurdles, FLOKI has emerged as a top-performing crypto this week.

Recently, crypto market specialist Captain Faibin shared an article on X (formerly Twitter), highlighting Floki’s depiction of a breakthrough from a bullish flag pattern on its daily timeframe chart. 

A bullish flag pattern indicates that the crypto will have a brief consolidation inside an uptrend, followed by an upward price trajectory.

Zebec Protocol (ZBC) 

ZBC gained 37.2%, the most gained by any crypto in the past week. ZBC was trading at $0.03112 at the time of writing.

The RSI of the coin was seen hovering in the overbought territory, indicating a strong bullish momentum. The OBV confirmed the momentum in favor of the bulls.

Zebec Protocol’s decentralized infrastructure network is designed to create a mechanism where real-world value flows freely and seamlessly. 

This provides investors and crypto enthusiasts with immediate access to funds and tokens, granting immediate financial control, and fostering a more inclusive and accessible financial environment.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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