BoF Insights Gathers Fashion’s Senior Leaders for an Intimate Deep Dive into The Brand Magic Index

BoF Insights, The Business of Fashion’s data and analysis think tank, held an event on the recently launched The BoF Brand Magic Index on Thursday evening at The Twenty Two in London, bringing together leading executives and decision makers from across the fashion, beauty and luxury industries.

BoF Insights executive event on The BoF Brand Magic Index at The Twenty Two, London. Pictured: Rahul Malik, Managing Director of North America & Head of BoF Insights

Hosted by The Business of Fashion’s managing director of North America & head of BoF Insights Rahul Malik and led by BoF Insights director of research and analysis Diana Lee and associate director Anushka Challawala, the event explored the key findings from The BoF Brand Magic Index.

Brand Magic is a quantifiable and trackable metric developed in conjunction with Quilt.AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) company that uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to evaluate brand and user-generated content on social media. The Index used Brand Magic to evaluate the marketing of 50 global luxury and fashion brands. Brand Magic marks BoF’s first foray into using AI — in this case, to support brands in deeply understanding marketing spend and efficacy.

BoF Insights executive event on The BoF Brand Magic Index at The Twenty Two, London. Pictured: Diana Lee, Director of Research & Analysis, BoF Insights, Anushka Challawala, Associate Director of Research & Analysis, BoF Insights

The presentation covered why Brand Magic is a differentiated tool in today’s competitive landscape by offering an objective way to evaluate how closely customer perceptions of a brand align with a brand’s own narrative. The presenters discussed the methodology behind The Brand Magic Index, including unpicking the performance of major players like Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani, Boss, Fendi and Gucci.

The presentation was followed by a cocktail reception with executives from Burberry, Chanel, De Beers, Jimmy Choo, Mulberry, Ralph Lauren, Tapestry, Ganni, Depop, Lyst and Nichebox, among others, in attendance.

About BoF Insights

BoF Insights brings together the analytical rigour of a strategy consultancy with the cultural intuition of a creative agency. We advise leading brands and retailers on their most pressing strategic questions, using our unparalleled market access and vantage point to provide differentiated customer insights and channel and product strategies. The BoF Brand Magic Index is an example of BoF Insights’ unique capabilities.

If you are interested in working with BoF Insights on Brand Magic or other topics, please reach out to or Matthew Cullen at

Guests from Left: Members of The Twenty-Two, Ahmed Zaidi, CEO & Co Founder of Hyran Technologies, Keziah Anement, Global Marketing Strategy at Ralph Lauren, Giovanni Lento, Global CRM and Data Insights Senior Analyst at Ralph Lauren
Managing Director, North America & Head of BoF Insights, Rahul Malik, Dino Pace, CEO of Nichebox and Yulia Cousin, Director of Marketing for Nichebox
Guests from left: Celine Assimon, CEO of DeBeers and Alex Pregnolato, CFO of DeBeers.

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