Bitcoin to $100K in September? ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ author claims…

  • Kiyosaki aims to buy 10 more Bitcoins before the halving event. 
  • The investor urged his followers to consider Bitcoin as a hedge.

Serial investor and author of Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, seeks to buy an extra 10 Bitcoin [BTC]  to take advantage of the pre-halving discount. 

The king coin has been in a “re-accumulation” phase since the second half of March, consolidating recent losses below $68K. 

Kiyosaki’s move follows his mid-term bullish conviction of BTC price appreciation after the halving event in April, with a Q3 price target of $100K. 

Kiyosaki: Catalysts for possible BTC rally to $100K by Q3 2024

Kiyosaki nudged his 2.5M X (formerly Twitter) followers to consider buying 1/10 of Bitcoin if they can’t afford whole coins. 

Citing post-halving and fundamental risks in traditional global markets, Kiyosaki stated, 

“I expect Bitcoin to be $100K by September 2024.”

To uncover the underlying challenges across traditional markets in advanced economies, the investor expounded; 

“The “smart money” knows the US is the biggest debtor nation in the world; China’s property market is “toast;” Japan has been in a depression since 1990; Germany is sliding into a depression, mom and pop consumers are living on credit cards; banks are in trouble; and the world is on the brink of war.” 

To alleviate and hedge against these risks, Kiyosaki recommended gold, silver, or Bitcoin. However, like Michael Saylor, he cautioned against over-relying on fiat money. 

“Please don’t be a poor person saving fake (fiat) money.” 

Many analysts and key halving cycle theorists have predicted bullish prospects for BTC’s post-halving event in mid-April.

Last week, Standard Chartered raised its end-year BTC prediction by 50%, from $100K to $150K. 

Similarly, Bernstein analysts raised the end-year BTC target from $80K to $90K, citing

“Strong ETF inflows and aggressive miner capacity expansion.” 

Ergo, Kiyosaki’s prediction of $100K by September 2024 is closer to Bernstein’s end-year targets. 

However, an AMBCrypto report established that BTC’s short-term prospects were still bearish. 

At the time of writing, BTC traded at $67.0K with a crucial overhead bearish order block on the 4-hour chart around $66.9K — $67.99K.

If the price moves above this order block, a renewed short-term bullish intention could be apparent. 

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