Bitcoin, Solana and other Altcoins face setbacks but Borroe Finance raises $3.5M in presale

As soon as investors thought that all pre-halving corrections and retraces were over, Bitcoin, Solana, and other top altcoins entered another correction phase. Bitcoin lost 4% today, while Solana shed 6%, and other leading altcoins also saw losses of 5% or more. However, is this cause for concern? Let’s examine the situation more closely.

Meanwhile, the AI narrative in the crypto space remains hot, and one new project in this sector, Borroe Finance, is currently in its presale phase, having raised over $3.5 million so far.

Bitcoin and Crypto Community Confidence Remains Strong, According to Santiment

Bitcoin went all the way down to $66.4k from the $70k area today but consolidated around the $67k level at the time of writing. Solana was trying to break the $200 resistance level throughout the previous week but instead pulled back to the $185 level amid this market correction.

Santiment, an on-chain analytics tool, reported that despite the recent price drop, the crowd is staying quite strong and showing confidence toward the prospects of a quick rebound. The frequency of words like “buy,” “buying,” “bought,” and “bullish” is being used at about double the frequency of words like “sell,” “selling,” “sold,” or “bearish.”

Historically, the best opportunities to “buy the dip” occur when the crowd consensus is showing a bit of fear toward a further drop. This usually results in small wallets dropping their bags for whales and sharks to scoop them up. 

Santiment suggests tracking their chart to see when the red bars (representing negative sentiment) begin catching up with the blue bars (representing positive sentiment), as there will likely be a precise moment when this buying opportunity presents itself.

Additionally, the Fear & Greed Index is now at 79, indicating a state of extreme greed in the market. This suggests that traders should look for entry points, and these types of days seem interesting, as Bitcoin halvings have always led to massive bull runs afterward.

Borroe Finance (ROE): A New DeFi Project Leveraging AI and NFTs

Borroe Finance ($ROE) is a decentralized finance project that aims to streamline the way Web 3.0 businesses access funding. This platform allows Web 3.0 creators and businesses to generate instant capital by minting NFTs representing future revenue streams like subscriptions, royalties, and management fees. 

These NFTs are then offered at discounted rates on Borroe.Finance’s marketplace, providing businesses with upfront cash and investors with opportunities to share in their success.

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Furthermore, Borroe.Finance utilizes blockchain technology, AI-powered risk assessment, and smart contracts to streamline fundraising processes, eliminating lengthy approval times and paperwork. 

The platform promotes a peer-to-peer ecosystem where invoice NFTs can be sold for discounts on secondary markets, offering instant funding for buyers and prompt loan repayments for sellers. Participants are rewarded for their active involvement in Borroe.Finance’s marketplace.

The $ROE token serves as a utility token within the platform’s ecosystem, enabling users to access the Borroe.Finance marketplace, participate in the presale, and engage in activities such as buying and selling NFTs representing future revenue streams. Additionally, $ROE tokens provide holders with benefits like discounts, priority alerts, voting rights, and rewards.

Borroe.Finance has secured over $3.5 million in funding, sparking discussions about its decent presale success and potential in the DeFi sector. The platform’s introduction of a payment system and a peer-to-peer ecosystem has enhanced fundraising processes, allowing Web3 users to generate revenue by selling invoices, subscriptions, royalties, and related items on the marketplace.


Despite the recent price drop in Bitcoin and altcoins, the community remains confident in their long-term prospects, particularly with the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. Historically, these halvings have led to significant bull runs, and traders are on the lookout for opportune entry points during such market corrections.

Borroe Finance (ROE), a new DeFi project leveraging AI and NFTs, has garnered attention and raised over $3.5 million in its presale phase. With its approach to fundraising and a peer-to-peer ecosystem, Borroe Finance aims to provide Web3 businesses with efficient access to capital while offering investors potential opportunities to participate in their success.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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