Architecture Office Claudia Raurell completes a stripped-down residence in Barcelona for a design-minded client

When hotelier Christian Schallert asked Spanish architect Claudia Raurell to build his new house in Barcelona, she jumped at the opportunity. They first worked together on a small project. Raurell recently explained the process, “First he tested me with three rooms in a hotel he was working on. Then, this house. He was already working with other architects, so he had to test me first.” She continued, “This is the first big project he gave me, and we kind of fell in love.”

The home, named Villain House, is on Julià Street on Montjuic, a scenic neighborhood set on a hill in Barcelona. At 180 feet above sea level (about 55 meters), the site offers a panoramic view of the city. “It is a plot with a privileged relationship with the city, as if it were an immobile cable car embedded in the mountainside,” Raurell shared. She approached the project in two directions: Inside, the city is a permanent backdrop for residents, while outside, the new form becomes a new piece of the city.


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