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Announcing enhanced manageability and usability features for Amazon Redshift Serverless

Today, Amazon Redshift announces enhanced manageability and monitoring for features for Amazon Redshift Serverless, including cross-account cross-VPC, custom domain name(CNAME), snapshot scheduling, cross-region copy (CRC), improved visibility for serverless billing in the Redshift console, and version tracking. These features provide you with seamless data access, robust data protection, and cost-effective operations.

Cross-account cross-VPC allows access to Redshift Serverless within your VPC from VPC in another AWS account. You can now configure client connections for your applications to use a custom domain name which will be easier to remember than the default URL. You can create a snapshot schedule to control when snapshots are taken and how long they should be retained. You can now automatically backup data in your Serverless namespace in another region of your choice with CRC for Serverless. CRC makes it easier for you to build and run AWS applications that have a global footprint with Redshift Serverless now across different AWS regions. You can easily track the RPU hours billing metric for each Redshift Serverless workgroup in your AWS account in the Redshift console, which helps you to understand and control your Serverless costs. Setting the maximum RPU-Hours limit is now easy as you can now view your peak RPU usage inline. The Redshift Serverless version on the console keeps you informed about software updates to your data warehouse.

The new features are available in all commercial regions where Redshift Serverless is currently available.

To learn more about Redshift Serverless, refer to the documentation.

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